The key performance indicator on YouTube is your engagement rate, not views. It is significantly better for your channel to receive 1,000 views and 100 comments than 10,000 views and just one comment.

Relations are formed through engagement. Analytics data are provided via engagement. The percentage of viewers who engage with your channel and content on YouTube is known as your engagement rate. This includes views, likes, dislikes, comments, subscriptions and cancellations, and shares of videos.

So, how to create more engaging videos? This is what we are for, here are some key pointers:

Create YouTube Shorts:

Your engagement rate on YouTube is the proportion of users who interact with your channel and content. This includes video views, likes, dislikes, comments, cancellations of subscriptions, and shares.

You can either feature less refined, behind-the-scenes stuff, similar to what you would do on TikTok or Instagram Reels, or you can construct a mini-summary of your most recent full-length video and publish it as a Short. Shorts are more engaging because most people now prefer reels to long videos when they have “how to” questions.

Organize thumbnails strategically:

Warning: This sentence contains a spoiler. People frequently evaluate books and YouTube videos by their covers. Your thumbnail image serves as the cover in this instance.

In contrast to the dozens of other videos that are similar to yours and surround you in search results, your thumbnail needs to make it clear what your video is about and why someone should watch it.

Try out different thumbnail designs without fear, but—and you already know what I’m going to say—retain a consistent overall look. Be unique while remaining consistent. Yes, without a doubt.

Use “watch next” end screens and information cards:

Include pertinent pop-ups, also known as info cards on YouTube, in your video to point viewers to the merchandise, websites, or other videos you’re discussing.

A closing screen with suggested videos for you to watch is also recommended. As opposed to moving to the next video in their search results or queue, this will keep more viewers on your channel.

Engage with your audience:

Ask them questions about your field or to find out what kinds of videos they would like you to produce. Anything that elicits discussion. Yes, all those comments will increase your engagement, but more significantly, you will receive insightful criticism and video ideation.

Naturally, that also requires keeping an eye on your comment area and answering as many as you can. At the very least, solely concentrate on the answers in your most recent video because this can quickly spiral out of control over numerous ones.

Make full use of those 30 seconds:

Keep it straightforward and begin by showing them a few snippets from the middle and finish those 30 seconds while describing the idea behind it. Make up suspense and convince others that their time isn’t being squandered.

Don’t waste your high-quality transitions and effects within the first 30 seconds; instead, use this time by saying something brief like, “Let’s launch into the video,” and then using your cool intro material.

By saving time with the correct tools, you can concentrate more on making high-quality videos, which is the major factor that increases your YouTube interaction rate.

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