Times have changed. Social media marketing is more than posting on Facebook and Twitter a few times a day. Building your brand, engaging prospects, and increasing sales take time and work. You need to stand out from a plethora of competitors, and social media noise, and even compete with influencers, celebrities, and other big names.

You need a brilliant social media strategy. As with any innovative marketing, you will often have to move away from traditional social media platforms and constantly find new ways to reach your target audience.

Here are some common terms you need to know when developing your Social Media Marketing Strategy:
Contents: Content is anything you post on social media. It can be a Facebook status update, an Instagram video, a tweet, etc. Content comes in many different forms and you need to adapt it to each platform. However, context is even more important than content.

Context:  For example, you may have a good joke, but if you put it in a 3,000-word blog post somewhere, very few people will see it. On Twitter, however, the very joke of a tweet can crush it. Also, everyone can enjoy it. Looking at the most retweeted and funniest tweets ever, we can see that even the CIA sees the value in using social media to create some positive buzz. The reverse is also true. Wrapping your entire blog post in one tweet is nearly impossible, so try a good call-to-action with a few relevant hashtags instead. And that brings us to hashtags.

Hashtags: You probably know by now that hashtags are a very common tool that people use to add meta information on almost every social media channel. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest all use hashtags that you can use to describe what your content is about or mark it as trending right now. They make it easier for users to discover your content and therefore increase the likelihood that they will share it.

Actions: Stocks are the currency of the social media world. When people engage and interact with your content, that’s good. But when they share it, it’s time to celebrate. BuzzSumo is a great social media tool for measuring shares and the overall impact of content. The more shares, the more people like your content. Stocks are the best form of exposure people can have.

Commitment: This is a general term that refers to how people interact with the content you create. This can be a like, a comment, a comment or a share. All of these are good, but stock is what matters. Now that we’ve covered some definitions of social media, let’s look at the fundamental pillars of social media.

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