The way we shop is changing. Social media giants are introducing a new feature: livestream buying. It is a mix-up of shopping and live streaming, where viewers actually see the products being promoted and can easily make a purchase if they like the product right away. It’s like having a personal shopping assistant, showcasing products and answering questions. This fosters trust and excitement, leading to impulse purchases and increased sales conversion rates.

Benefits for Businesses and Influencers

Livestream shopping offers a treasure trove of benefits for businesses. They can reach new audiences through established influencer follower bases. The live format creates a more engaging experience compared to static product pages and allows brands to showcase products in action and connect with customers on a personal level.

Benefits of Social Media Platforms and the Future

Social Media future benefits, How will Social Media works.

Social media platforms have gone the extra mile too. Live broadcasting maintains the users in its position and boosts them up in the process (e.g. user activity and app time). There are options to get either a cut in each sale or to expand functions available to users, like the ability to send virtual gifts. This way additional income can be generated. What is more, livestream shopping gives platforms a big chance to learn about users’ activity and preferences. It allows for more precision in ads and provides a better focus on users’ demands.

Livestream shopping is just beginning but it is a phenomenon that is not yet well-established. It has enormous potential and future promises. They will bring improvements in interactive capabilities, for instance, gamification and of real-time customization to the products. Lego is extending Augmented Reality integration by allowing users to virtually try on their products or experience them through Virtual Reality. Livening streaming will change the terrain in trading, enabling brands to connect with their customers globally in real-time.

For brands that are the ones to exploit the new mine of information, need to be careful and considerate of both strategy and planning. Partner with the narrow-minded influencer to who expresses your brand’s unique identity and reflects your audience’s taste. Design the graphics, delineations, and interactive frames adding them to the video to maintain users’ attention. Provide special offers to your online shoppers during the livestream to pull them to purchase. By Livestream shopping, e-commerce has been redefined, and both social media platforms and brands would have new ground to conquer, a sense of the new frontier, financially rewarding and exciting.

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