Let’s go back to 2017 when Snapchat was the new fad, and college students and school kids started looking for their crush’s snap ID rather than asking for their phone numbers.

With its snap function, which allows you to instantly send a picture of anything to a buddy and receive snap points in return, Snapchat completely revolutionised the social media market. It was a completely different form of entertainment as people fought to see who had scored the most points, but what happened next? What happened to all the excitement? What caused Snapchat to crumble? Why was it forgotten by people? Let’s look into the causes:

Screwed by makeover:

Snapchat’s makeover was the primary factor in its demise. The fact that Snapchat was a little challenging to understand is what made it so popular with young people. You had to truly comprehend how applications function in a way that younger people and older people find a little more challenging. Unfortunately, it was a total failure. Many of the app’s devoted, younger, and celebrity users—including Rihanna—left. And Kylie Jenner, you know, said on Twitter that she no longer had much interest in using the Snapchat app and that it had not fully recovered from the incident.

Incapable CEO:

Additionally, the company’s young CEO and co-founder Evan Spiegel is the subject of many inquiries. Being the CEO of a multibillion-dollar company while still in his 20s is incredible, but to succeed at it, you have to be a pretty excellent manager, and there are some indications that Spiegel may be a little bit secretive. Several variables, including the fact that he doesn’t communicate well with his team, have undoubtedly made life for Snapchat currently pretty challenging.

Didn’t stay unique for long:

Facebook attempted to acquire Snapchat at least once, if not twice, over the course of the last few years. To sort of make up for that rejection, Facebook simply copied many of Snapchat’s coolest features and added them to Instagram. In reality, Instagram stories are more well-liked than Snapchat stories.


Going up against companies like TikTok, the hugely popular music app, is going to be a pretty difficult battle. Because WhatsApp is a messaging app and is sort of a Snapchat competitor, Snap has always had a reputation for being stylish rather than practical. It will always be well-liked because it is so helpful. It will be very difficult for Snapchat to entice users back to the app once they’ve gone unless it can sort of really demonstrate to consumers that it is both cool and useful.

Not suitable for Android users:

Therefore, Snapchat arguably did itself no favours by making decisions like having an extremely bad Android app. The software performs far better on the iPhone, which presents a challenge if your app isn’t particularly effective for Android, the most widely used mobile ecosystem in the world.

Therefore, even though Snapchat is being utilised by users as a Facebook alternative, it continues to lose a significant portion of its user base daily. Because of this, even marketers and ad agencies have abandoned Snapchat. Snapchat may continue for a short while, but with time it will become less relevant and merge into history with other dead platforms.

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