TikTok’s rival Instagram Reels is receiving several upgrades geared at creators as governments around the world voice growing concerns about the app. Today, Meta revealed that it is upgrading Reels editing capabilities, providing new metrics, expanding gifting on Reels to other countries, adding a separate location for popular audio and hashtags, and more.

Instagram Reels

The most popular songs on Reels will now be visible to creators thanks to the most recent upgrade. They can tap the audio to utilize it right away or save it for later after seeing how many times it has already been played. The top trending themes and hashtags on Reels will also be visible to creators. Creators must go to their Professional Dashboard and choose the “Check today’s Reels Trends” option to access the new dedicated location for trending content. They will then be directed to a page called “Reels Trends” where they may locate trending audio and hashtags.

According to the corporation, the new area is intended to assist content producers in keeping up with trends by educating them on what is currently in demand.

In the upcoming weeks, Instagram will grant creators in more nations access to its Gifts monetization function. Australia, Canada, France, Mexico, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom will all get access to the feature. presents, which was first tested last year, enables supporters to directly donate money in the form of themed virtual presents to a favorite creator. The presents can range in price from only 10 stars to several hundred stars and are purchased using the Instagram app using the virtual currency Stars.

Instagram's new dedicated page for trending audio and hashtags

The social network is also introducing a new feature that will let creators see which admirers have sent them presents. 

Users will be notified that the creator saw and appreciated their donation when creators touch on the new heart icon next to their supporters.

As a result of the app’s integration of video clips, audio, stickers, and text under a single editing interface, the new update also makes it simpler for artists to modify their Reels on Instagram. According to the firm, this modification makes it simpler for artists to visually align and time certain sections of their Reels to the appropriate moments. Instagram intends to roll out new tools that would make editing Reels for producers simpler and easier.

Instagram's new editing tools for Reels

To better understand how their material is performing, creators will also have access to additional Reels insights. In the beginning, Instagram is introducing a new “total watch time” metric that records the complete length of time a reel was seen, including any time spent replaying the reel. Second, developers will have access to a brand-new “average watch time” metric, which measures the typical length of time spent watching a reel and is determined by dividing watch time by the total number of plays.

Another new feature allows creators to see more clearly how their Reels are influencing their growth because they will now be notified when someone follows them directly from their Reel.


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