Understanding how the Instagram algorithm functions for Reels, Stories, and Explore can be incredibly valuable for creators, influencers, and businesses. With this knowledge, content creators can strategize and tailor their posts to maximize visibility and engagement. On the other hand, users can make informed decisions about the accounts they follow, the content they engage with, and the hashtags they use to improve their overall Instagram experience. And finally, Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri shed light on this.

How does Instagram promote your content on Reels, Stories & Explore?

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Reels, Instagram’s short-form video feature, has gained immense popularity, and users have been eager to understand how their videos reach a wider audience. The CEO revealed that the Reels algorithm primarily considers a variety of factors to determine the content’s visibility. Engagement plays a crucial role, including likes, comments, and shares. Additionally, the algorithm assesses the user’s past behaviour, such as the types of videos they have engaged with previously. It also takes into account the relevance of the content to the user’s interests, making use of machine learning to analyze various signals, such as captions, hashtags, and audio.

Stories, another prominent feature on Instagram, follow a slightly different algorithm. The CEO explained that the Stories algorithm focuses on timeliness and relevance. The algorithm considers the accounts a user frequently interacts with and displays their stories at the front of the queue. Furthermore, the algorithm analyzes the user’s past interactions with similar content, considering factors such as story completion rates and sticker interactions. This approach aims to deliver stories that are most likely to capture the user’s attention and keep them engaged.

The Explore page has long been a source of fascination for Instagram users. It provides a curated selection of content tailored to each user’s interests. The CEO revealed that the Explore algorithm takes into account multiple aspects to determine the content that appears on this page. It considers the user’s past behaviour, including the accounts they follow, the content they like, and the hashtags they engage with. The algorithm also assesses the popularity of the content, considering factors like the number of likes, comments, and shares it has received. By leveraging this information, Instagram aims to present users with a diverse range of content that aligns with their preferences.

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