Google is frantically enhancing its search engine with features akin to the AI chatbot in an effort to counter the threat posed by OpenAI’s ChatGPT. We already know that Google is upset with the AI chatbot ChatGPT, but a new CNBC article provides fresh information on how the search engine giant is reportedly planning its retaliation.

Google’s new chatbot:

According to CNBC, Google employees are already testing “Apprentice Bard,” an AI chatbot that works similarly to ChatGPT in that it responds to queries presented in natural English. The GPT-series of AI language models, which ChatGPT itself is based on, are related to the LaMDA technology used in Bard, which is developed by Google.

According to reports, Bard has a significant edge over ChatGPT in that it can discuss recent occurrences. In contrast to ChatGPT, which OpenAI cautions has “Limited awareness of the world and events after 2021,” Bard is more current and can even respond to inquiries regarding Google’s most recent layoffs.

According to CNBC, Google is also experimenting with different layouts for its home page, one of which substitutes question prompts for the “I’m feeling lucky” button. Unsurprisingly, this layout sounds a lot like ChatGPT’s site, which offers sample queries, available features, and available constraints above a search or dialogue box.

Release of Google’s chat, Bard is still unclear:

Of course, these are only preliminary reports at this point, and it’s unclear how Google will respond to ChatGPT. There are significant doubts over the usefulness of AI language models for search in general, in addition to UI choices. The potential of these algorithms to mimic societal biases and prejudices, as well as the frequency with which they “hallucinate” data—presenting incorrect information as truth—were some of the issues that Google itself identified in a report published back in 2021.

However, because the corporation issued a “code red” in response to ChatGPT’s emergence, niceties like “factuality” might be overlooked in a haste to keep up with the competition.

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