Instagram has been updating its interface constantly to keep up with the changing trends. With each passing day, it is introducing tons of new tools and features to explore. Main Focus is to keep the user engaged. The latest updates have been introduced to benefit both the creators and marketers to enhance their reach and create new opportunities. So, if you are into social media marketing, here are a few important updates to keep track of to blow your marketing campaign to a whole new level.

Marketer-Focused Instagram Updates

Let’s explore some of the most crucial updates which are worth taking notes on if you are planning to up your game of Instagram marketing in 2023.

  1. Content is key: Creating good content was and still is the top-most thing to consider when it comes to Instagram growth strategies. Recently, Instagram has been pushing content even more to newer audiences. With the new tools provided by the platform, you can easily create and share new content regularly and stay ahead in the game.
  2. Reel templates for faster video editing: Instagram has recently come up with reel templates. You can choose a particular template from any reel you like and add your own videos to it. It has made the editing process so much easier and time-efficient. Especially for marketers who have to post regular content, this feature is the ultimate time-saving tool.
  3. Remix feature, but with photos: For a long, Instagram had the remix feature for reels. You could add your own video along with another video, kind of like the ‘duet’ feature on TikTok. This feature is now available for static content too. You can now remix static photos with the new update. Not to forget, adding stickers or texts to increase engagement on them.
  4. Pinning content on profile grid: If you have a picture or reel posted on your feed that you want people to look at first when they open your page. It is now possible with the option to pin that content on your feed. In this way, you can promote what your page is all about right there on top of your feed. This makes it much more convenient for a new audience to get introduced to your company.
  5. Partnership messages: Now, you no longer have to worry about missing out on a great collaboration opportunity just because you missed a DM. Instagram has opened up a new partnership inbox that allows the creators to keep track of all new collaboration requests and opportunities.

There are a ton of more opportunities coming out in the near future which will make it easier and more fun to be on the platform as a creator. With the continuous evolution of the platform, it is a logical choice to evolve your marketing strategies accordingly.


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