Although many businesses produce content, they don’t experience the increase in website traffic or foot traffic that they were hoping for. Owners are consequently left wondering, “What am I missing?“.

Value-adding content is typically the solution.

It is one of the favourite subjects to discuss with clients is creating valuable content. Basically, it refers to content that offers the consumer advantages or additional value beyond the company’s goods or services.

Its versatility across different marketing platforms, including social media, and other channels, such as email newsletters and blogs, makes it particularly potent. As a result, it has the potential to educate and engage customers where they are already engaged, and in 2023, this will be the key to increasing brand recognition.
What differentiates Content that adds Value?

The secret is to add value to the customer’s experience by addressing their concerns, finding solutions to their issues, or offering them pertinent information. There are many different types of value-adding content, including educational articles, how-to videos, blogs, infographics, and interactive tools.

For instance, the styling company Wear, based in Dubai, uses value-adding content by providing website visitors with a style quiz, information on the newest trends in fashion, and instructions on how to make individualized outfits.

Sephora has been a champion of value-adding content on a global scale, distributing fantastic information and tools to their target market across platforms.

Value-added content in this situation aids these retailers in enticing their audiences by enlightening them about flattering fashions or appropriate colours and patterns. They’ve established a reputation for being reliable information providers and go-to places for style and beauty tips as a result. Consumers will remember the brands that took the time to respond to their inquiries, assist with their problems, and generally make their lives a little easier, even if they don’t make a sale right away.
How can Value-Added Content increase Brand recognition?

Businesses can distinguish themselves as more helpful, current, and even more caring than their rivals in the industry by producing value-adding content that focuses on providing useful information. Essentially, they continually showcase their knowledge and dedication to their clients. It all comes down to building trust because it forms the basis of real (and useful) brand loyalty.

Of course, in our technologically advanced society, we cannot overlook the tech side of fostering brand loyalty. Businesses can increase website traffic and their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts by producing valuable content. This kind of content increases visibility and draws more natural search engine traffic, which also raises its position in search results. Additionally, brands with improved visibility see an increase in revenue and profit as well as more engaged website visitors and potential clients.

Ultimately, we want business owners and networks to understand that while creating content is important, adding value for your target audience is how you get the boost you need to see real results.


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