You have this dream of starting your own business. Or you’re fed up working under someone. Or you just want to try out new things. Whatever maybe your reason, everybody wants to be their own boss at least once in their life. Business being expensive is an old lady’s tale. Well, not completely true but if you do things at a fast pace and can negotiate properly, today’s business market has endless possibilities from incubators to start-up programs. One such stepping stone you can utilise to your benefit is “Facebook Ads”.

What exactly are “Facebook Ads?”

Facebook Ads are display ads that vary depending on the user’s profile. Facebook tailors them to every business’s need and no two people are shown the same ad.

How to use them as a business?

You have to pay for them. It usually costs around $1-$3 per ad. You can charge Facebook according to your rules i.e. per the amount of clicks, likes, comments, user engagement.

Does Facebook create these ads?

No, Facebook only displays your ad. It is ultimately your voice that is being projected so the content must come from you. Facebook only decides to whom it should display these ads based on your criteria.

Is it guaranteed that my revenue will increase by using these ads?

Facebook has around 2 billion users around the world so your business is bound to reach a lot of people.

How to advertise correctly?

Be specific. Don’t generalize your target audience. Focus on demographic, age, gender, occupation and other criteria. This helps in your content reaching people who have a high percentage of buying your products/services.

How to choose your target audience?

It depends on what you want to sell but if you’re at a beginning stage, it might be wiser to narrow down your target audience to people who’ve bought your products or people you know. This helps in retention and trust.

Always be on a budget and look for other advertising ways too. The more diverse your reach, the more people it’ll reach!

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