Creative expression and interaction online is a way of life now where apps and platforms are the smoothest ways to connect with the audience as well as share content. The transformation and boom in technology has made various techniques and ways possible. 

One such cool and unique app is Twitch. 


What is Twitch? 

Twitch is a live streaming and gaming app where one can showcase their creative expression through sharing their video game while playing it. 


How does twitch work? 

One can simply either use website, install the application or connect the device with their computers or television. One can absolutely go in an endless loop of creativity where even though gaming is the main focus yet all other fields work just as well. 

Here are a few tips on using twitch efficiently-

1. Go through the content throughout to take your pick if you wish to create content too or live stream sometime in the future. Get ideas and see which games work the best for you. 

2. Communicate and learn through existing creators and streamers, focus on their ways and learn through their mistakes so that you can steer clear of them. Engage with their live streams and don’t hesitate to make connections. 

3. Focus on the version that suits you the best in the beginning. Whether you would like to go ahead with the paid version or the free and make sure to use all the resources provided efficiently. If one owns an Amazon prime subscription then in most locations, they receive the paid subscription for free by merging the two which is beneficial for some existing Amazon prime users. When getting into streaming and creating, getting paid subscription is a good idea though make sure to weigh your options and opportunities. 

4. Research well and begin with the streaming app on your own when you’re ready where monetising the content is the aim as you can receive commission, access the affiliate program, run ads, etc. however to do the same one has to create engaging content and live stream and keep the attention hooked so that they receive maximum views through it as well as grow their presence on the platform. 


Twitch which is famous globally provides one with a lot of opportunities and where one especially needs all platforms they can get their hands on to expand their reach is helpful. Twitch is not just creative, fun but also smooth and beneficial. Make sure to research well and make the best of the platform!

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