Let’s face it, writer’s block is definitely a thing. And sometimes, it can get the best of us. As content creators, one of the biggest challenges that we face is finding ways to stay motivated, inspired and excited with our work. You want to continuously find ways to remain eager for what’s around the corner. That being said, it’s so easy to get in a rut and feel uninspired at times. It’s very natural for any sort of creative work.



But there is nothing to be anxious about. There are many ways in which you can keep the momentum going into the new year for upcoming projects, collaborations, content opportunities, and partnerships in the next few weeks and months to come. I’m listing a few of my favorite ways to get out of that writer’s block and creativity rut below:

  • Listen to your favorite podcasts and take notes.
  • Read a book in your profession.
  • Create a mood board for each season.
  • Browse through Pinterest for fresh ideas.
  • Create a fun playlist to listen to while you work.
  • Gather inspiration from your favorite bloggers and websites.
  • Take a breather or small break to clear your mind.
  • Write things down to set attainable goals and map out clear intentions.
  • Poll your audience on Instagram to find out what they’d like to see more of.
  • Learn to compartmentalize your day. Don’t think about your blog or Instagram 24/7.



A vital component when it comes to staying motivated and excited about your work is using your audience as a resource. Consciously make an effort to engage with them on a daily basis, even if it’s only a little bit. (i.e., responding to comments and direct messages, or asking them questions and sharing polls on Instagram stories to keep the conversation going.) After all, you’ve formed this tiny little community, and the most important thing that you can do is to continue to nurture it. Creating polls on Instagram stories is an incredible way of gathering new ideas from your followers for future blog posts and Instagram features, and asking them specific questions helps to open up the conversation as well as gets you excited to create more content.Your followers and audience play a vital role in helping you stay motivated with your blog and Instagram. Always make sure to use them as a tool within your content planning strategy.


At the end of the day, it’s important to remember why you started your blog in the first place. Try to retrace your steps if you need to, in order to fall back in love with it again. Look through old posts, relive past accomplishments, and be proud of all that you’ve done so far! Each new post is worth celebrating, and each milestone is worth remembering. Let all of these things be your driving motivators when aiming towards new goals and maintaining that drive and determination in the months ahead.



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