Facebook lets you access the list of individuals following you on social media. Of course, followers aren’t always your pals, but they’ve opted to see your postings on their news feed. This article will look at how to check your follower list on your PC and mobile phone.

Users will not have the option to view their followers if they do not allow individuals to follow them in their Facebook privacy settings. Additionally, if a user is new to the platform, they may not notice any followers since they haven’t had time to build a following.

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To check your Facebook following list on a desktop computer, open a web browser and go to the Facebook website. Then go to the site and log in to your account. Click your profile symbol, then your name, in the top-left corner of Facebook. Next, click “Friends” in the tab list beneath your name on the profile page. Next, click the “Followers” tab under the “Friends” section.

The list of individuals who follow you on Facebook will now appear. These individuals may or may not be your Facebook friends, as following someone does not imply that you are friends with them. And that’s how you find out who loves to see your Facebook updates in their news stream.

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To see your Facebook followers on your phone, open the Facebook app. Tap your profile symbol in the top-right area of the app. Next, tap your profile on the “Menu” page that appears. Scroll down to “See Your About Info” on the profile page. Next, scroll to the bottom of the “About” page. Tap “See All” next to “Followers” there. You’ll be sent to a page called “Followers,” which lists all the individuals who follow you on Facebook.

Once you’ve figured out who’s following you, you can either observe them back (if their privacy settings allow it) or add them as friends if you know them personally. That’s everything there is to it.

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