You’re wasting out if you’re not considering your feed motif or general Instagram aesthetic in your social media marketing. It’s not just about having a nice-looking feed; it also assists with marketing and may even assist you to come up with something cool to share on Instagram when you’re stuck for ideas. While looking at other accounts for influence is useful, your style should ultimately be about you and/or your brand. When choosing an aesthetic, you can consider these questions…

  1. What kinds of articles do I wish to publish?
  2. What are my favourite colours or colour palettes?
  3. How do I want folks to feel when they look at my feed?
  4. What do I like to picture and share?

You can modify and make your own now that you have a basic understanding of Instagram aesthetics. For that coherent Instagram design you’re going for, you’ll need to ensure your posts have a uniform appearance.

Use a Common Filter

Instasize, for example, has a large selection of filters that can help you quickly get the 

Instagram aesthetic you want. Do you want to go for a sombre look? How about something light and airy? Perhaps something a little more vintage and rustic? That’s something for which there’s a filter! The beauty of filters is that they can still be customised based on intensity. You can also tweak photo settings like Brightness, Contrast, and Shadow to make a nice shot even better and ready to share on social media. If you apply the same filter to every post, your material will have the consistency that an Instagram style requires.

Be Pre-Planned

When you’re publishing on the fly, it’s tough to maintain an excellent and well-curated Instagram look. You want to make sure that each new post blends in with the rest of your feed and that nothing looks out of place or repetitious. You may reorder your photographs using Instagram planners like Hopper HQ and Instasize to see how they go together on your account. Take many photographs that are perfect for your aesthetic and save them to stay up with your posting schedule if you want to have constant updates.

Watch out for other profiles

Establishing your Instagram feed aesthetic doesn’t mean you can’t learn anything new. Investigate other profiles and keep an eye out for new ideas. What is the look of your favourite Instagram accounts’ feeds? What are their framing and cropping techniques? What is the extent of their editing? How effective was the filter? The only approach to enhance your Instagram look is to do so on a regular basis. Instagram is constantly evolving, with new trends appearing on the platform on a regular basis. When it’s time for the next posting, you can always do more!

White Borders

Adding white space between feed rows can help your stream, as well as your individual photographs, stand out. Consider scaling your photographs to a 4:3 or 2:3 aspect ratio and setting them on a white background so that each row of your feed has a white border of distinction when they’re uploaded.

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