Whether you like it or not, LinkedIn is a crucial instrument in the toolbox of any B2B marketer. However, like every social media platform, it can be inconsistent in its benefits, ranging from a highly effective lead generator to a tedious task with the little evident result.

Knowing how the LinkedIn algorithm works in 2021 can help you maximise the return on your social media marketing efforts. While we can’t be certain how the algorithm works, we can look at some of the fundamentals that appear to work for others and use their success as a springboard for our own use of the platform.

So, How does its algorithm work?

Because social media networks rarely disclose guides to their algorithms, the majority of them remain a mystery. But all we know for now is that LinkedIn’s algorithm is no different. It offers you relevant content based on your activities and engagements on the platform. But how do we tell LinkedIn our choices? Here are a few essential strategies that will help you to get a better experience at LinkedIn:

  • Signal what you wish to see on your feed.

  • Linkedin obviously works on a computer-based algorithm. It’s our duty to bring it to its knowledge that the content that is apparently being offered to us is relevant to us or nor. If any post appearing on our feed is offensive, LinkedIn has a 3 dot button embedded in every post where we can report the post as ‘inappropriate’. This will guide its algorithm about what kind of content we really prefer and vice versa.
  • Initiate Engagements

  • Being a silent spectator, in essence, has nothing to offer. Start engaging with posts that appear on your feed. Like posts that amuse you, comment your views or opinions on any particular post. This will make the LinkedIn algorithm more aware of content that needs to be shown to you, which would be appreciated by you. 
  • Hashtags

  • Hashtags are also becoming more popular on LinkedIn. The more hashtags you include in your LinkedIn article, the better it categorises information and emphasises postings that are relevant to each user. Hashtags are a fantastic method to not only broaden your audience but also quickly find comparable content. You have the option of pinning your favourite hashtags on LinkedIn. You can pin hashtags relating to your sector to your newsfeed to see the most recent developments.

Final Words

When you grasp the LinkedIn algorithm and how it works, you’ll comprehend why so many people who used to have thousands of likes on their articles now just have a few dozen. The reason for this is that the approaches and strategies they were employing were suddenly labelled as low-quality material.

The algorithm values engagement, which is determined by relevance, your network’s exposure, the instances they check LinkedIn, and your reputation with that audience. It’s an excellent idea to use the LinkedIn Publisher platform.


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