Today, Facebook announced adding more comment moderation tools and restrictions to help creators better govern conversations on the social network. The ability to search comments on posts by keywords, including emojis, commenter names, and dates has been added. Creators can now do bulk actions, such hiding or like comments, with this feature. The Facebook Professional Dashboard’s comments manager area will have access to these new options. According to Facebook, the function is being introduced today to recognise Safer Internet Day.

Moderation Assist’s Activity Log

In the Moderation Assist’s Activity Log, the social media platform operated by Meta is also disseminating moderation statistics. To put things in perspective, Moderation Assist proactively moderates fresh comments on authors’ posts based on standards they specify beforehand. Creators will now have access to statistics regarding specific items, such as the amount of comments that have been buried over the previous 30 days, thanks to this new feature.

With the inline comment preview and criterion tag in the Moderation Assist activity log, creators may now see which conditions are satisfied for hiding comments.

Statement made by Facebook

Bobby Marshall, the manager of Facebook’s creator safety programmes, said in a statement that “building tools that help keep creators and their communities safe is important to Facebook’s creator efforts, and we’ve continued to invest here.” “Last year, we launched a Creator Support Hub and recently increased Moderation Assist. With today’s modifications, commenters may be found much more quickly by keyword, date, emoji, and other criteria, and creators can also act on them in bulk by concealing or liking comments. With these tools, we hope to give creators back some of their time so they can focus on what they do best—create content and grow their communities.

According to Meta, the launch is a component of its efforts to empower creators and guarantee that they may communicate safely with their communities. The company launched moderating features in professional mode and gave qualified authors access to its live chat agent help last year. According to Meta, its main goal is to give creators more tools and controls for comment moderation.

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