It’s time to up your game if you’re currently relying on social media engagement metrics to gauge the success of your most recent campaign or product launch.

The use of artificial intelligence for social media analytics is now more widespread and sophisticated than ever. Deep insights into your social media audience are now more accessible than ever thanks to the rapidly developing field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) known as Natural Language Processing (NLP).

This blog will explain what AI social media analytics are, go over some of the advantages it can provide businesses, go over some of the difficulties it faces, and discuss solutions.

What is AI Social Media Analytics?
The process of using AI algorithms to analyze social media data is known as AI social media analytics. This can be done for a number of reasons, including gaining a thorough understanding of audience sentiment or creating a precise customer profile.

AI for Social Media Analytics- Benefits:
1. Organize a lot of data: You can more effectively process and analyze large amounts of data with the aid of AI. This is particularly helpful for social media data, which frequently takes the form of long-form, unstructured writing. You can quickly process thousands of reviews and comments using AI social media analytics.

2. Determine trends and connections: You can use AI to find correlations and patterns that would be challenging to find manually. For instance, you can find connections between certain topics and customer satisfaction levels.

3. Boost Precision: You can use AI to increase the precision of your social media analytics. This is so because AI algorithms aren’t influenced by human traits like prejudice or personal beliefs.

4. Make wiser decisions: Do not rely on conjecture and hazy insights. Your marketing and product development teams can use insights from AI social media analytics to make data-based decisions.

Challenges with applying AI to Social Media Analytics:
However, there are some difficulties with AI social media analytics. 3 things to consider when selecting a tool for your company are listed below~

1. High-quality AI algorithm: AI algorithms are not all created equal. The quality of the insights will suffer if the AI uses poor-quality training data or if the AI algorithm is poorly designed.

Modern NLP models that Symanto uses can recognize how word meanings alter depending on the context. For instance, the word “kill” is extremely negative in the pharmaceutical industry, but it can be neutral or positive in the gaming industry. To provide our clients with the most cutting-edge AI solutions, our nimble team of data scientists and AI researchers is constantly enhancing our AI algorithms.

2. Security of Data: With AI social media analytics, you’ll be working with a lot of customer data. If you’re utilizing a third-party tool, you must have confidence that your data is secure.

Modern digital security is used to safeguard Symanto’s systems. When handling client data, we are GDPR compliant and employ encryption to prevent any unauthorized access or use.

3. Over-reliance on AI: Although AI is a potent tool, it shouldn’t be used alone. Social media analytics powered by AI can give you useful insights, but you should always combine AI insights with human expertise.

Symanto is made to make things easier for researchers and analysts. For your researchers and in-house analysts to quickly comprehend and derive insights from the data, we present the findings of our analysis in the form of simple data visualizations.

4. Cost: For companies with limited resources, the cost of AI social media analytics can be a problem. However, the advantages of AI social media analytics frequently outweigh the disadvantages in terms of time and resource savings.

Summary: As a result, AI social media analytics is a potent tool that can assist you in gaining insightful knowledge about your social media data. When selecting the best option for your company, you should be aware of the difficulties that come with using AI social media analytics.

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