According to Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, the business is adding auto-generated captions to videos. According to The Verge, he noted that the captions have been “a long time coming” and they will be enabled by default for platform developers.
Previously, producers had to manually add captions to their videos using time-consuming workarounds, but the move streamlines the process and makes Instagram more accessible to hard-of-hearing and deaf users, as well as anyone who likes to watch videos without sound.

Official Statement

According to an Instagram press release, the captions will be available in “certain languages” at launch, and the company expects the captions’ quality to increase as more people use them and the AI learns — so they may not be flawless right away. In the next months, Instagram will offer captions to other languages.
It’s yet unclear how or whether the immediate captions will affect viewing habits or increase Instagram engagement, but it’s possible that if people can watch Instagram videos without sound, they’ll stay on the app longer rather than exiting after saving films to watch later.

Instagram also added a feature to like stories without having to send a direct message earlier this month. In the bottom right corner of Instagram Stories, the platform has introduced a ‘like’ icon. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri acknowledged the upgrade in a video where he also detailed the feature. Instead of initiating a DM thread, he notified users that the likes will appear in the Stories’ author’s viewer sheet. ‘Stoy Like’ is the name of the feature. Previously, any comment to an Instagram Story would appear in the user’s chat thread, along with a direct link to the story.

Quick Share

Instagram, which is owned by Meta, appears to also have put out a new Quick Share option for select Android and iOS app users. According to Gadgets Now, the new function allows users to share any photo, video, or Reels with the contact with whom they have engaged the most. The functionality may be found at the bottom of any Instagram post in the send key. Users may share posts with other users via a long list that showed DMs before this upgrade. The firm appears to be testing the feature with a small group of users, and no formal announcement has yet been made.

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