BitChute, a video hosting service, has developed into a hub for violent, conspiratorial, hate-filled video propaganda and a recruiting ground for extremists under the pretence of anti-censorship and free expression.

Ray Vahey, the creator of BitChute, attributed the idea for the website to “observing the rising levels of censorship by the main social media platforms in the last couple of years.” Wanting to take action in response to content bans, demonetization, and algorithm changes that push some content into obscurity. Vahey’s dream has come true, and many of the YouTube accounts that were demonetized or banned for breaking community guidelines are now moving to his site to share their divisive content.

BitChute as a platform for violent extremists

BitChute is a refuge for white nationalists where they can disseminate hate and enlist new members. The website frequently features SS and Swastika insignia along with films that extol Hitler. Extremists post BitChute links to propaganda and conspiracy theories on both private and public channels of Telegram, the encrypted messaging app that white nationalists are increasingly using. Furthermore, the BitChute descriptions of many of these groups contain links to their Telegram and other social media accounts.

BitChute as a post-bvideosternative

Users frequently move their video to BitChute after YouTube disables accounts for breaking their community guidelines. Some YouTube account holders also actively manage BitChute accounts to mirror their video content in case YouTube ever decides to block it.

14 of the 21 white nationalist and antisemitic YouTube channels that the ADL identified in 2019 are still operational on BitChute. The associated BitChute channels have 10.6 million views, despite the fact that 11 of these YouTube accounts have now been suspended or otherwise terminated.

Only a few clicks separate BitChute’s home page from vile stuff. White supremacy, racism, and antisemitism-promoting channels are frequently trending, deemed “popular,” or otherwise recommended to site users.

White nationalist propaganda, overt racism, antisemitism, and hazardous conspiracy theories are all delivered to a large and expanding audience on BitChute, which has positioned itself as the anti-censorship alternative to major social media platforms. Given the many sorts of blatantly racist, extremist and violent content catalogued here, plus Bitchute’s mostly hands-off stance to content monitoring, it’s natural to ask how a site like this remains operating – and whose firms fund its platform.

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