Having a social media strategy is essential to your success in digital marketing in 2023 due to the increase in social network usage.

The time and effort required for effective social media management are probably already known to you. Digital marketers frequently devote hours each week to creating content, monitoring, analyzing, and creating reports, as well as managing paid social ads. You might waste time that you could be using to plan out captivating multimedia campaigns or work on bigger, more effective marketing projects if you concentrate on some of the more tedious social media tasks.

But what if a machine could perform some of your work for you, freeing you up to explore the more imaginative aspects of social media strategy in greater depth? Our use of social media for marketing could be greatly enhanced by a number of artificial intelligence-driven programs. Additionally, putting them into practice is actually reasonably priced.

1. Yotpo: Using innovative tools like Yotpo, it is now possible to manage another time-consuming task. Managing customer reviews. Its moderating tool examines customer opinions and attitudes to provide you with information on how to improve your products and services. Additionally, it can be used to boost sales by gathering crucial information from prior reviews and making it available to prospective customers.

2. AI-Writer: AI is a technology that can be used to create content as well as process data and delegate creative work to humans. AI-Writer can generate full blog posts from just a headline. The content isn’t perfect, and the text output frequently needs some editing, but this program could still save content creators a ton of time when it comes to the labour-intensive process of creating a new blog.

3. Exceed: AI automates email correspondence and personalized conversation. By providing potential customers with a genuine experience, engaging them in conversation, and learning about their product needs before passing the conversation on to an actual sales professional, this marketing automation technology aims to mimic human conversations.

4. NetBase: While brands have used social media listening for decades, NetBase goes a step further by incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence. Its artificial intelligence (AI)-driven system continuously scans millions of social media posts to provide real-time feedback on the audience’s response to your most recent brand updates. These insights could aid marketers in defending their brands, improving crisis management, and boosting campaign performance.
Top AI Tools to Boost Your Social Media Strategy

5. Node: Node is an artificial intelligence platform that forecasts how a business might engage its clients, staff, investors, and partners more successfully. It does this by using data from people and organizations. In order to determine which users are most likely to convert or make a purchase, the program first creates links between online entities like people, products, and businesses. These prognostic insights may be useful for applications in management consulting, marketing automation, applicant tracking, and other areas.

6. Atomic Reach: Atomic Reach’s AI system is comparable to having a content marketing assistant on staff. Its content switchover platform helps businesses turn their content into sales by using conversion optimization and business analytics. While it can help with SEO, its results are much more ROI-focused, identifying what influences conversions and providing seamless updates for blog headlines and tone.

7. Seamless: Users of the marketing platform Seamless. ai can quickly search and sort through sizable contact databases. This sales intelligence application assists in stacking contact information (email addresses, mobile numbers, etc.) without the time-consuming process of list creation, contact research, data input, and other types of busywork. ) and then compile a list of potential customers.

8. Crayon: Crayon automates competitive analysis through the use of artificial intelligence. With the aid of its technology, competitors’ data is visualized in a single panel, keeping advertisers abreast of the most recent market news and developments and enabling them to identify trends and act swiftly and intelligently.

9. Unscreen: Videos’ backgrounds are completely removed from them using Unscreen. Unscreen’s artificial intelligence technology. Background-free video used to require laborious processes, but with Unscreen, you can easily capture your video anywhere and then easily remove the background. Unscreen lets you swap out the background with a new static or video wallpaper after removing it.

Conclusion: The tracking and analysis of every social media action, including recitals, customer engagement, and insights, is made easier with the help of AI. Companies now have a clear understanding of the preferences and decision-making processes of their customers. Artificial intelligence monitors search history and purchasing patterns. Performance indicators are also the foundation of search engine optimization. AI offers flawless personalization for many social media platforms thanks to its ability to accurately assess user-profiles and customize the entire user experience.

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