Instagram reels have a tendency to make your reel viral! Instagram reels have unique aspects that provide creators with amazing functions to make engaging reels. With over 500 million daily active users on Instagram reels, your reels have wonderful opportunities to go viral.

Follow the tips to make engaging and viral reels


Add a recent viral song

Think of that music which you hear everywhere on Instagram. There are music like bananza by Akon, love nwantiti, Harleys in Hawaii and so on which are currently the most viral music on which reels have been made. Nowadays any music gets viral on reels when people make reels on a particular music.

Making reels on such viral songs will give your reel a boost and opportunity to go viral. Make reels on trendy and viral music to make your reel viral.


Pick a right topic

Most of the viral reels on Instagram are those surrounding a topic like travelling, nature, short vlog, etc. if you notice, such reels based on travelling and nature are most viewed reels over million views! Make your reel around such topics to increase the views and chances to go viral.


Follow the latest trend

The trends in any short video format keeps changing. And so is Instagram reels. Every day or every week you can see a new trend forming up and all Instagram communities make reels on that trend. As a result they get to be a part of the trend and get viral.

Instagram has very unique trends going around lately. Such as squid game trend filters, posing like an animal in a picture, lipstick filter trend, in my mind filer where the filter tells you what you think (not really it’s just for fun), dance on woman by doja cat, etc.

The reels under these trends have thousands of views. You can be a part of any trend. Watch out the others reels and see what’s trending around Instagram reels and be a part of the trend.


Use other video editing apps

Even though reels have lots of filters and effects to make your reel distinctive, you need to use other video editing apps too. Because the other video editing apps have transitions and good quality slow motion and other effects that reels don’t have.

Use apps like Inshot and VN video editor to edit your reels with unique and attractive effects to make your stand out and viral.


Don’t try to exaggerate

Reels are good when you keep it short. Audiences skip those reels which are longer duration. That is why make your reels short so that the audience finds it engaging and not boring.


You have the advantage of Instagram’s huge amount of daily active users to make your reel the most watched one. Follow the tips and post at the right time when the audience are mostly active to give your reel a boost.


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