Facebook is one of the most well-known and widely used social media platforms. It continues to add new features for the betterment of the application and to make things easier for the audience. Facebook has recently released new live tools and features for creators that will assist you in making your live stream more interactive.

Featured Links

Facebook users can now include a link or website in their live broadcasts. Viewers will not be disconnected from the live stream if they visit your link. If you want to launch your product via Facebook live, you can add a link to make it easy for users to check out your products.

Polls of the audience

Creators can also include polls in their live broadcasts and ask comments and reviews from the audience. It will also help you gain a better understanding of your target market, allowing you to launch and adjust products based on their preferences.

Live Broadcast visibility in your story

Your live broadcast will also appear in the news feed’s story section. If any of your followers are unaware of your live stream, they can now view it in your story section, allowing more people to participate.

Follow Button is now available

Next to the names of the creators who remark on your public postings, a follow button appears. Their comments will appear at the top of the page, making spam and repetitious comments less visible. If you find their account intriguing, you can also follow them.

These new capabilities will help you engage with your audience more effectively, as well as raise brand awareness among Facebook users. So, if you use live streaming in the future, make sure to use these tools to increase your account’s awareness.

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