Blogging is one of the most trending topics, people are earning good money from bogging and getting a fame too. Some famous bloggers like Prajakta Kohli, Buvam Bam, Aashika Bhatia etc. are the famous bloggers of YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and other social media networks who are earning good money and fame from blogging. They basically go for general topics and some creativity in their blogs with some unique things which made them very popular and rich.

Some of the Trending topics through which you can earn good money are :

1. Health and Fitness – In this glamorous world everyone needs to get a glamorous and fit body to looks unique and attractive, so people go for research on internet in order to get the tips for getting healthy, to build up their muscles and get a proper diet. So here’s a good opportunity for you, you can research for them and create a blog for them so that it may get easy for the people to gather a good amount of information from one source only, moreover it will be beneficial for you as you will be able to get their attention on your blog and you can earn money from the blog. You just need to keep in mind that you give correct information about weight loss, building muscles, building abs and body building good diet to them by searching nicely. Moreover, you should research deeply to give some unique points to make a good reputation of yourself and your blog.

2. Relationships – Blogging is mainly popular in Youths. Youths tend to watch more of the blogs and YouTube videos and blogging and youths go for relationships and dating sites too, as it’s their age. So here is a good opportunity for you where you can blog about romantic relationship advice, dating sites information and also parenting advice to grab the attention of adults too. You can also blog with question and answer round where your viewers can ask the question and you can answer them related to that.

3. Money and Finance – These days people like to invest more so you can make a blog giving them ideas about getting a job, about finance planning, make more money, set up business etc. This will grab the attention of many people including the adults and youths too.

These are some trending money you can earn money with.

health and fitness blogs
Relationship blog
Money and finance blogs

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