Instagram, a Meta-owned social networking site, is introducing a function with a focus on sharing video tales that is comparable to Twitter’s retweet option. According to a source, this new feature, which takes the shape of a repost button, would make it easier for Instagram users to share the posts and videos of other users on their accounts. The only alternative available to Instagram users right now is to share a photo or video with their story, which automatically expires after 24 hours. Users will be able to share a post on their profile without it instantly disappearing thanks to the new re-post functionality.

A new “Repost” option is surfacing in several accounts, according to social media expert Matt Navara, who provided information about this feature in a tweet. This page will display any photographs or videos that the user has shared. On their profile, users will have the opportunity to share a post via the share menu. In addition, users will have the opportunity to add a caption or reply to a reshared message, just like they can with Twitter’s Quote Tweet function at the moment. This feature has not yet been verified, though.

Instagram will test the new repost function with a small group of users and solicit feedback before integrating it throughout the app. After addressing any issues, if any, if this feature is well received, the firm may add it to both the Android and iOS platforms. Additionally, it has been revealed that Instagram is removing several of its retail tools in favour of focusing on direct advertising to boost e-commerce. Instagram encourages users to purchase a product via watching advertisements that are displayed on the app, not by directly using the social media platform to do so. According to the article, this modification has also been communicated to Instagram’s internal personnel.

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