Frequently Asked question for Youtube Views service

We are top youtube promotional companies in India and we provide all types of youtube marketing services to video creators which are making content on youtube in all fields.We have easy order system on our website that youtubers can buy youtube views from us any time and we have both chat and 24/7 support system.

Q- Why my watch time is not increased even views are coming on my video?

Ans:Youtube updates the watchtime after 2-3 days of completing views on your video.So,you can have patience till the watch time on your video is not updated.

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Q- Are these views lifetime or will drop after some time?

Ans: Yes our all views are lifetime and with lifetime guarantee.Our views are non drop and if there will be little filtering of views happen than the views will be refill again.

Q-How much retention and watch time will i get if i order views from ?

Ans: We give the best watch time on your videos to rank them good and to grow your channel.and video.Our slow views and fast views service will have high watch which will help in taking your channel grow.

NOTE: We can’t take any guarantee for watchtime,as it depends on video and content also.

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Q- Where will i get views from ,if i am ordering for views?

Ans :If you are ordering for slow views and fast views, then it will be worldwide and mixed views.In Indian views you will be getting Indian traffic.

Note : Benefit of ordering for slow views and fast views are that due to the world wide traffic traffic your video can attract organic traffic also and the pricing is also very affordable

Q- Can I cancel my order or change video url after submitting order?

Ans:Once the order is submitted it can’t be cancelled unless there is huge delay in processing order or some issue in our service.Video url can’t be changed after the campaign has started.

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Q- What are the benefits of buying youtube views from us?

Ans : If you will buy youtube views from us then your video will get real traffic which will help in growing your video ranking and improving your channel grade.As you will get traffic from our campaigns then it will result in boosting your youtube viewership and views will be increased with more fast speed.

Q- How much i will be get paid by youtube,if am ordering views?

Ans : Your earning are on google adsense and you are paid by youtube for ads click and impressions but not video views.But if your views are more on the video than the no. of ads on your video will be more.

Note: The channel should be monetize to get paid from google adsense.

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Q- What is the difference b/w fast views and slow views ?

Ans: Slow views are those views in which the speed of views will be 200-600 views/day and traffic will come you video slow and Fast views are views with hq campaign in which video will be approved and then fast traffic will come to the video,the speed of fast views is 15000-40000/ day

Note:We have traffic option in slow views in which you can select speed according to your need.

Q-Will I get lifetime time views if I order views from YTVIEWS.IN ?

Ans: Yes our all views are lifetime & with guarantee.We have many type of youtube views service likes Fast views,Slow views,Google adword views,Under 1000 views and Indian views.Even if there is some filtering done by youtube then we will again completing the views as per our lifetime guarantee.

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Q-Is buying youtube views and video traffic legit in india?

Ans : Yes,buying and ordering for youtube views and video traffic is 100 percent legal and even its part of digital marketing.Video marketing is part of social media marketing and which is required for getting more no. of viewership and promoting Youtube channel.The videos on youtube having more views will only rank upper and people prefer watching videos with more views,likes and comments.

Q- What type of viewers ,will i get if I buy views for my video ?

Ans :If you are ordering worldwide views than you will be getting worldwide traffic and if you are ordering Indian views then you will be receiving traffic from India and viewership only

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Q- How we give Traffic and views on video?

Ans: We have network and tie up with different social media and video sharing website across the world.So,we give you traffic and views from various network and our traffic is 100 percent real traffic which is accepted by youtube .We make campaigns and after some hours your will be start receiving traffic on your video.

Q- If i m ordering views,will i get subs and likes also?

Ans: If you are ordering for views on our website than we can take guarantee for views and watch time,but not subs and likes because it completely depends on the viewer to like your video..

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Q- Can I order for views on bulk videos in one order ?

Ans : Yes you can give us bulk order,we will make a custom views package product for you in which you can add bulk video links.

Q- If I buy youtube views for my video then it will effect my channel or not?

Ans: Our buy youtube views service is 100 % safe for all channels.It will only effect your channel in positive way that your channel ranking can increase and your video can rank good in youtube search.

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Q – Are these views going to convert any $ in adsense?

Ans-Youtube don’t pay for video views,but for the advertisements that will run before the video,yes if the ads are running on your video and your channel is verified than you will be getting paid by YOUTUBE via google adsense.

Q- How long is average for approval. I am having trouble finding a reliable service?

Ans: More than 90% video views order started in less than 3-4 hours, some times it takes little more to approve video due to video length and content but it starts in maximum 10-12 hours.You will be getting complete service as ordered by you.


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Q-I would like to buy views from you, if they should decrease, will you increase them again?

Ans-Yes you can take youtube views from us,our all youtube views service are with lifetime guarantee ,if any type of drop in views will occur on video than we will be refilling it and you will get complete views as ordered by you