Frequently Asked question for Youtube Likes & Comments service

We are youtube marketing company working in youtube channel solution from past 3 years. You can order youtube video likes & comment service from our website and you will be getting all real comments & likes from our website with lifetime guarantee and complete support.You can read frequently asked questions for Youtube likes & comment service.


Q- Are these youtube video likes lifetime ?

Ans:- Yes all Youtube video likes are completely non drop and with lifetime guarantee

Q - Will these likes drop after some time?

Ans :- No these likes are completely non drop and if the likes are dropped than
we will be refilling the likes lifetime.

Q -How many likes will I get per day ?

Ans :- The likes speed is still 30-80 likes per day but it will be increased in coming days.

Q - How you give video likes on youtube ?

Ans:- We run video likes campaign on website and social media networks .We request audience to like your video and then likes increases on your video.


Q- Can i get video likes if my count is hide?

Ans :- No you have to make your video likes count public that we can submit your video likes order.

Q - Is the youtube video likes service is with lifetime guarantee ?

Ans :- Yes Youtube video likes service is with complete lifetime guarantee.


Q- Where i will get these comments from?

Ans :- On website we have Indian comments option available but if you want world wide and other countries comments than just text us,our team will be giving you custom product for it.

Q- Are these comments lifetime and with guarantee?

Ans:- Yes all the comments are lifetime and with complete lifetime guarantee.

Q- Can I get custom comments product option for my video's?

Ans:-Yes we can make a custom package for you for views,likes and comments package for you according to the no. of videos

Q- Can I take custom Indian comments on my videos?

Ans :- Yes you can add maximum 10 custom comments for your video on

Q- What are the benefit of Buying youtube video comments?

Ans:- If you have more comments on your video than you will be getting more branding and your video ranking will be increased.

Q- Who will comments on my video ,if I submit order for video comments on ?

Ans:- The real indian audience account will comment on video after watching them.

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