Frequently Asked question for Instagram Likes ,Views,Stories & Comments

Frequently Asked question for Instagram Likes ,Views,Stories & Comments

We are social media marketing company working in Instagram Marketing from past 3 years. If you are blogger,Instagrammer,Influencer & Instagram creator than you can easily submit order instagram likes & views on our website with lifetime guarantee & complete support.You can clear all your queries by reading our frequently asked question for Instagram Likes & Views.


Q- How you give instagram likes ?

Ans:- We make your post campaign on different ad networks and give likes on them.

Q- Will i get impression also with likes ?

Ans :- Yes there are many chances of getting impressions along with likes but we cant take guarantee for impression ,but likes are with lifetime guarantee.

Q- Are these likes are with lifetime guarantee ?

Ans:- Yes all our likes are with lifetime guarantee and completely non drop.

Q- Can i get likes on Igtv video and instagram videos also ?

Ans :- You can choose the same like service for Instagram videos and igtv also .You will be getting complete likes on your videos also.



Q- How you give Instagram views ?

Ans- We promote your Instagram videos across network websites and social media websites we have partner with and give you views on your instagram video.

Q- Are these views are worldwide or indian targetted?

Ans :- We have both option for video views on Instagram and you can select it as per your need.

Q- Are these views are with lifetime guarantee ?

Ans :- Yes ,Instagram Views are completely non drop and with lifetime guarantee.

Q- How you deliver views on Instagram videos and are these views are real ?

Ans:- We make campaigns on different 3rd party website from which we bring traffic and all the views are completely nonndrop


Q- On which story I can take views ?

Ans :- You have to just give us username and views on story will be given on your latest story.

Q- On how many stories I will get views ?

Ans :- On 2-3 last stories ,you will be getting views.


Q- How you deliver comments on Instagram links ?

Ans:- We deliver comments by sharing your videos and posts .

Q- Where will i get comments from ?

Ans:- On our website we have product of Indian comments option and if you want worldwide or other country option ,then just email us or chat with us.Our team will be giving you custom products.

Q- Will the profile doing comments will follow my page also?

Ans:- Yes if they interested and like your profile than their is chance of follow also,but we can only take guarantee of comment only.

Q - Can i get custom Instagram comments ?

Ans:- Yes you can get custom instagram comments ,we have option for that.

Q - Are these comments are lifetime ?

Ans:- Yes all instagram comments are with lifetime guarantee and 100% non drop

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