Frequently Asked question for Instagram Followers

We are social media marketing company working in Instagram Marketing from past 3 years. If you are blogger,Instagrammer,Influencer & Instagram creator than you can easily submit order instagram followers on our website with lifetime guarantee & complete support.You can clear all your queries by reading our frequently asked question for Instagram Followers.

Q- Is my Instagram account safe if I order for Instagram followers ?

Ans :- Yes you account is 100% safe if you will take followers from us.We gave followers from campaigns and all followers are real profile.No Instagram account is effected till date .

Q- Will the followers will likes my post also ?

Ans :- If you will buy Instagram Followers from us than we can only take guarantee of Instagram followers but not for likes and other things.It depend on the user interest wheather to likes or comment.

Q- What is the different b/w normal followers & HQ followers?

Ans :- Normal Instagram are followers which will have 50 Days refill guarantee maximum and HQ instagram followers are with lifetime guarantee instagram followers which are non drop.Hq followers are better than normal instagram followers in terms of quality.

Q- Are these followers non drop or will drop after some time?

Ans:- We have given the product name non drop because the past record of the service was delivering non drop and these followers are with lifetime guarantee and if still any drop occur so you will be getting lifetime refill.


Q-Is my account safe if i order for Instagram services from ?

Ans :- You account is 100% safe ,if you will buy Instagram Followers from and till date no account is suffered with an issue which have taken services from us and all instagram profile keeps on increasing and growing.

Q-Will the followers will also likes my post or views my videos ?

Ans:- Yes if they want to views your videos and like your post than they will definitely do it.As a company we cant take guarantee of views and likes because as the service was for followers so we can take guarantee only for followers.

Q- Where will these followers come if i order for instagram followers ?

And :- In normal and Hq followers you will be getting followers from across the world .If you want Instagram followers from India also ,so we have Indian targetted option available for Followers .

Q- Are these followers with lifetime guarantee ?

Ans:- Yes we have Hq non drop Instagram followers with complete lifetime guarantee and other services are with 50 days refill guarantee.

Q- Can i get followers from other countries also?

Ans:- Yes we have targetted followers from our countries also,just request our team on chat or email them to make custumized product for you.

Q- What is the speed of Instagram followers per day?

Ans :- The speed of followers is 5000-15000 Followers per day and it depends on Profile to Profile also.

Q- How you give Instagram followers and are these real Instagram followers ?

Ans:- We make campaign on social media website across Indian and across world .All followers are generated and increased with Hq campaigns and from real profiles

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