Frequently asked question( FAQ) for youtube views service ?

Q-How can i submit order for youtube views?

Ans: You can easily place order for youtube views on our website .Just go to the product page and enter your youtube video URL .Then go to checkout page & select your payment method from which you want to pay for your order.After completing the payment ,we will process your order & all details will be sent to you on email.

Q-How can I pay for submitting order for Youtube services?

Ans:You can pay with PAYTM from wallet in your paytm mobile app by scanning QR code or you can Pay with PAYUMONEY for Debit card,credit card & net banking.

Q- Can I cancel my order or change video url after submitting order?

Ans:Once the order is submitted it can’t be cancelled or refunded ,all refund and cancellation is done on the Last day of the month for the undelivered service by us.Video url is only be changed if the order is not processed in our campaign system.

Q- Will my subscribers will refilled ,if they are decreased by youtube during updation on 13-14th dec?

Ans: Yes due to youtube updation many channels are effected and subscribers was removed from those channels.Only channel and channel admin have contacted us till 31st March 2020 with there order no. have been sent for refilling.After that no old subscribers drop orders will be refilled and refunded.

Q-How to make payment with PAYTM mobile wallet?

Ans: You can easily make payment with paytm mobile app.When you make your order,you will receive PAYTM scan code & no. through which you can make payment by scanning the code or enter the no. .We will confirm your order immediately after receiving payment.

Q-Is your video is safe by using our youtube services?

Ans: Yes your video & channel is 100% safe by taking youtube services from us.Our sevice will also help in making your channel ranking increase & your channel will grow .

Q-How we increase youtube views & viewership on views?

Ans: We have social network on social media & website on which we promote video and increase traffic on your video and bring audience to your video.We give 100% real & lifetime youtube views with watch time.

Q-Is it legit to buy youtube views for video?

Ans: Yes ,buying youtube views is 100% legal process & youtube always allows it.Even youtube give paid promotions with google adwords.Youtube always allow marketing for videos.

Q-Do you have to disable monetization on video while using our services?

Ans:Your video monetization is 100% safe & there is no issue with your video & adsense while using our service.But if you want to be in complete safe zone then its better to pause ads while we complete our service.

Q-Why views are only updated on video,but not on the total channel count?

Ans:Youtube update total channel views after 1-2 days of the video views.There is some process which youtube follows for updating views on your complete channel.So,just have patience for 1-2 days till youtube updates total channel views.

Q-When you will order for views,then you will get likes also?

Ans: If you are ordering views then you will get some likes also & many things depends on the viewers also and there interest.But we have likes free with fast views & indian views which you will surely get free with views.

Q-From Which location you will get views?

Ans: We have all types of options available .In fast & normal views you will get worldwide traffic which will boost your channel with fast speed.If you want views from specific countries ,then we have indian views option available on website.We have other country option also,just email us on for other country views.